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This archive contains pictures taken from fMSX Amiga. They show some of the graphical capabilities of the MSX system, and should coax you into downloading an MSX emulator and play the Real Thing. The pictures: Firebird -------- This is a vertical shoot'em-up with a twist. Instead of simply marching up the screen until you reach the end you are forced to move sideways into different 'tracks'. Each level has three adjacent tracks, and contains special tiles that must be picked up to open doors that lead into new areas. In the picture you see the main character jump up (second button on the joystick or M or N on the keyboard) and destroy some flying vermin. It is a comparatively peaceful picture but you should try snapping a picture while beset by screens full of enemies! KingsValley2a & KingsValley2b ----------------------------- Kings Valley 2 is fun puzzle game, somewhat like Loderunner. The player must use drills and shovels to gather the soulstones that are scattered through one or more screens. However, after using a drill (or shovell) it disappears forever. Planning ahead is therefore essential to winning. The game contains a password system to allow progress to higher levels, and contains a level editor if you believe you are even more sadistic than the designers of the original game. The level editor alone kept the MSX community alive for a very long time! MetalGear1 ---------- Metal Gear is a game somewhat similar to Rambo 3 (nah, noone will remember that game...). The player must penetrate the enemy fortress Outer Heaven armed with nothing more than a radio and a pack of cigarettes. This game is very interesting because, unlike others of it's kind, it stresses stealth rather than combat as the main objective. The radio messages and weird objects make this a very fun game. Unfortunately saving your position requires a tapedrive, which is currently not emulated by either of the MSX emulators for the Amiga. MetalGear2a & MetalGear2b ------------------------- Metal Gear 2 is the follow up to Metal Gear. It has far better sound and graphics, but suffers from the fact that it is completely in Japanese. VampireKiller ------------- Vampire Killer was one of the first MSX2 games. Since then it has appeared on many platforms, including the Amiga (under the name of CastleVania). It is a fairly simple platform game. The 18 levels should keep most people busy for a while. All these games are available via FTP and can be used with the MSX emulators for the Amiga, available from aminet: fMSX Amiga: misc/emu/fmsx_1.0.lha AmiMSX: misc/emu/amimsx23.lha
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