short : GlowIcons Game Pack volume 2 author : matrixngc (Frank - Matrix/NGC) uploader : matrixngc free fr (Frank - Matrix/NGC) type : pix/gicon requires : an amiga and appropriate system to see them means... architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 568.00K Date : 26-Oct-02 Download : 💾
a ROMIcon palette (16 colors) NewIcon installed on your sys and OS3.5 or better for glow/coloricon This package contains icons for games installed with JST and WHDLoad but also few ones for games not fix yet. They're in several formats and thus collection is split into several archives : - NewIcons (PygmIconsNI_xx) - NewIcons_xtd (PygmIconsNX_xx) - Glow/coloricon (PygmIconsGL_xx) - RomIcons (PygmIconsRI_xx) All NewIcons are not available in Glow form and it's also true on the other side. NewIcons are in 90x90 pixels, GlowIcons in 120x96 pixels. NI_xtd icons are direct conversion of glow/coloricon and were possible using the marvellous Convert35Icons by Rafal Mania. They often use less color than original Glow version due to NewIcon restrictions but it also means you can have nice icons larger than 93x93 even on system lower than 3.5 ! ----- I send my respect to all people behind those pictures i've used to make those icons... Regards to Chris Vella, CFou, Codetapper, DrZarkov, JHZ, John Girvin Psygore and all others icon makers. Many thanks to the whole WHDLoad Team for fixing all those games ! ----- Frank. ----- PS : 2nd frame of Krypton Egg was made by Psygore --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PygmIconsGL_G2 contents : AncientArtofWar_GL Apidya_GL Armalyte_GL AtomicRoboKid_GL BlazingThunder_GL BubbleGhost_GL BudokanBo_GL BudokanKarate1_GL BudokanKarate2_GL BudokanKendo_GL BudokanNunchaku_GL Coala_a_GL Coala_b_GL Crack_GL CrazySeasons_GL Deathtrap_GL DonkeyKong_GL Dynablaster_GL EaglesRider_GL FastLane_GL FlyinHigh_GL FootMan_GL Fury_of_the_Furries_GL Ganymed_GL GeeBeeAirRally_GL Gunbee_F99_GL Immortal_GL Indy4Action_GL JoeBlade2_GL KillingGameShow_GL KryptonEgg_GL LemmingsHoliday93_GL Mach3_GL MeanStreets_GL Minskies_GL Mystical_GL OneOnOne_GL OperationNeptune_GL Plutos_GL RuffNTumble_GL ShadowFighter_GL Simon2001_a_GL Simon2001_b_GL SimonTheSorcerer_GL Skyfox_GL SpaceHarrier_a_GL SpaceHarrier_b_GL Speedball2_CD32_GL SpyVsSpy_GL SSF2Turbo_GL Strider_GL STUNRunner_GL SuperGrandPrix_GL_a SuperGrandPrix_GL_b TennisChamps_GL Turbo_GL UltimateGameBoySim_GL Unreal_GL Walker_GL Wolfchild_a_GL Wolfchild_b_GL
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