short : AlotOfNewIcons for VROOM +GlowIcons author : uploader : Ninjaw WriteMe com type : pix/nicon version : 1.1 replaces : pix/nicon/NIvroom.lha architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 238.97K Date : 1-May-99 Download : 💾
NI_vrm11 - Version 1.1 - 29-Apr-99 Get all my Nicons packs exclusively on my amiga webpage: Here come a set of cool NewIcons for the game: VROOM & VROOM MULTIPLAYER These icons are in 16,32 or 256 colours, with no MagicWB icon this time. But I worked in the GlowIcons(C) too, most of the icons are in Standar or Glow NewIcons !! If you don't know GlowIcons, download now from Aminet. WHAT'S NEW IN THE 1.1 VERSION?? Well, everything! my first version was only one poor Nicon, and this one is a complete package like others... EXTRA NOTE FOR THIS GAME: In my life, I saw 3 versions of this game, 91, Multiplayer, the data disk with new courses and... Multiplayer93. I'm the lucky owner of this last! In fact, a lot of frenchies should have it, as it was given in the french amiga mag called 'Dream' ! And what is the difference? well!!!! first, the keyboard is french! as it was sold in a french mag ! (for entering the name in azerty), and secondly... it is the only version that includes 18 courses!!! right, on one disk you got the course from 91,Multiplayer and datadisk!! This is selected with the menu button "Season 1-2-3", this feature wasn't documented in the mag!! they told it next month. Please note that the WHD version has long delay between screen, just like the disk version. For the history, they were showing the advertissement with screen- shots for this game... two years before it comes! SUPER EXTRA: Included are: -1 pic I used to work on this iconset... -7 screenshots of the games -1 preview of the iconset THIS PACK WAS MADE IN FRANCE!!!!!!!!! If you think you need MWB I think you need to upgrade your amiga... Here's the details: 4 NIcons for the main file (91,93,Alt,Old) 2 NIcon for the game drawers (Car,Alt) 1 GlowIcon for the game drawers 1 NIcon for some text files 1 GlowIcon for some text files There can be 3 versions of these icons Low: for the 640x200 users Standard: for the 640x420,320x200 High: for the 640x420,320x200, or even the 640x200 ************************************************ Now if you want me to increase this collection of Icons, email me some CovertArt (that is a scan of the box) or ScreenGrab (with something usefull to be transformed into NewIcon. REMEMBER THAT THE MAX. RESOLUTION SUPPORTED BY NEWICON IS 94x94 (well supported by Iconian) PAST You can find on Aminet pix/nicon/PSicon10.lha 311k A large NIcon set for Parasol Stars pix/nicon/RDIcon10.lha 570k A large NIcon set for Rodland pix/nicon/RIicon10.lha 68k A NIcon set for Rainbow Islands pix/nicon/NI-i5010.lha 92k A NIcon set for Indianapolis 500 pix/nicon/NI-wod10.lha 11k A NIcon set for Wrath of the demon pix/nicon/NI-pow10.lha 600k A large NIcon set for Powermonger pix/nicon/NI_pww11.lha 696k A large NIcon set for Powermonger WW1 pix/nicon/NI_hgn10.lha 1089k A large NIcon set for Hired Guns pix/nicon/NI_trc10.lha 731k A large NIcon set for Turrican1,2&3 pix/nicon/NI_tnt10.lha 452k A large NIcon set for Traps n' treasures pix/nicon/NI_bck10.lha 446k A large NIcon set for BC Kid pix/nicon/NI_vrm11.lha ?k A large NIcon set for Vroom&Multiplayer FUTURE I started to make BAT2 and in GlowIcon style!! :) I started too Rtype I will also update the Rainbow Islands set with a GlowIcon found on aminet... stay tuned for NI_rwi11.lha to replace RIicon10.lha Next, I will TRY to make New Zealand Stories & Toki... HOW TO This iconset was realised with WhdLoad supporting HRTmon and Personnal Paint 7.1 with the free addon (new)icon loader/saver and with Iconian. Thanx to one of the GlowIcons set designer to told me about this addon... I also learned to use PPaint, and this Colors merger between the pic and the brush is awesome!!! it's the first time ever I see that! even on PC!. And this color reduction.. excellent too. Readme created with ARC 3.0 - Copyright (c)1996-98 by Jens Weyer.
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