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The Amiga Juggler - picture by Eric W. Schwartz Not too much to report here. I thought I'd do some sort of representation of the "bounced around" status of the Amiga platform as well as mess around with my new CyberVision 64 board. Different archives contain different versions of the image, 800x600 IFF24, 800x600 HAM8, and 640x400 16 color for pre-AGA machines. The pictures are Copyright ©1996 Eric W. Schwartz, but is freely distributale as long as it is unmodified in any way. Enjoy! Amiga Technologies Rules! No, wait, VisCorp Rules! - no - uh.. Phase V - oh, I mean PIOS - wait - - Oh, just call me when the Power Amiga comes out! Eric W. Schwartz
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