short : Multi format audio player with GUI author : Thomas Wenzel ( uploader : toms-aminet-upload toms-home de (see note below) type : mus/play version : 3.23 architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 3.9.0 url : Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 310.73K Date : 1-Dec-18 Download : 💾
Note: Aminet admins only: Use address from [Uploader] field to contact me All others: Use the email address stated on my homepage Features -------- - FREEWARE! No nag requesters and no expiry date! - ReAction based font sensitive user interface - Alternatively WinAMP compatible user interface - Fast, synchronous spectrum analyzer (almost no latency) - PPC based graphic equalizer - Workbench application (you can drop icons on its window) - Easily configurable - AHI device-level access (uses default audio mode automatically) - Visualisation plugin system - Shoutcast support (internet radio) - support for: -> file needed: * hardware based decoders ----------------------- - MPEGit (MPEG audio decoder module for Prelude) -> libs:prelude.library - MHI compatible devices -> libs:mhi/mhixxx.library * software based decoders ----------------------- - mpega.library (either PowerUP, WarpUP or 680x0) -> libs:mpega.library - external decoder plugin (based on whatever) -> Engines/External Limitations ----------- - No visualisation when using hardware based decoders History ------- v3.23 - Fixed handling of application.library messages - Fixed potential crash when rescanning skins or plugins - Fixed handling of brackets in file names from command line - Added support for COMM field in ID3v2 tags - Fixed major bug in playlist clearing routine causing memory corruption v3.22 - Fixed bug when loading skins with missing equalizer and playlist bitmaps. - Fixed greyed out menus for info and playlist - Added full path to current file to streaminfo/trackinfo structure so that plugins can make use of it. - Added support for multimedia keys. - Updated spanish catalog. - Fixed broken plugin menu in ReAction mode after rescanning. v3.21 - Replaced connection popup window with info in title bar (reaction) or info line (skin mode). - ReAction: Added iconify gadget to main window. - Fixed long filename handling. - Set default for "Show TagEditor" to FALSE. If this setting doesn't exist in the prefs file then info window will not be shown. - Fixed internal memory overflow when calculating plugin data. - "Engine" part of amigaamp.prefs is now compatible with AmigaAMP2. - Changed visualisation routine to support high resolution and peak-dots. v3.20 - Fixed AHI open/close bug that led to problems when playing more than about seven files in a row. - Fixed restart request when changing buffer sizes. - Fixed default skin name. - Improved mpega support. - Fixed visualisation in high speed mode. v3.19 - Fixed window position saving bug. - Fixed DIRECTORY ToolType. - Extended support for BufferSize=File to more file types. v3.18 - Fixed infinite loop when updating prefs while AmigaAMP is running. v3.17 - Initial build of version 3 for 68k processors
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