short : Hills Of Lin Fen 6-ch for Ninja Remix! author : (Helge Kvalheim uploader : hkva2 online no (Helge Kvalheim) type : mods/8voic requires : 68k/PPC-Amiga, AHI, XPK, MED/OctaMED libs, latest Hippo/OctaMEDPlayer, OMSS v1.03c architecture : generic distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 189.45K Date : 5-Jan-19 Download : 💾
Hills Of Lin Fen @ 2019 By Helge Kvalheim aka HKvalhe ------------------------------------------------------ Hills Of Lin Fen is a brand new, 6-channel MMD3 MOD mixture of Ambient, Asian Style and Soft-pop with bass, bassdrum, string and violins. The violins are incredible beautiful in this Amiga track! Very realistic and vibrating! This new Amiga track is for the second level of Ninja Remix! Spent a whole day in composing this awesome Amiga track on my AmigaOne 500 aka SAm460ex, using OctaMED SoundStudio's Mix mode in 16-bit, along with 16-bit Stereo Samples from Walkabout Music! Hope you will love this Amiga track! At least I do ;) Amiga version composed by Helge Kvalheim
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