short : ROM#9 intro author : (Michael Nattfalk) uploader : michaelnattfalk gmail com (Michael Nattfalk) type : demo/intro architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 492.89K Date : 3-Jan-19 Download : 馃捑
R O M i s s u e N I N E I N T R O b y C - L O U S ------------------- - - Code P r o s p e c t Music S o u l / M o v e m e n t Design F r a m e Objects C l a w T-mapper O r i g o Chunky2planar S c o u t ------------------- - - Special thanks and greetings to Mop/Essence (thanks for everything!) Rahiem/Essence (thanks for your good support and patience hehe) Jamie/Mystic (good luck with your new group!) Origo/C-Lous&Subspace&Essence (good luck with your new flat!) Fndr/Subspace&Sonik Clique (thanks for you know what!) Claw/C-Lous (we can always count on you!) Scout/C-Lous&Artwork (simma lugnt!) for their friendship and support during the production of this intro. ------------------- - - Ordinary greetings The Black Lotus 脗路 Limited Edition 脗路脗聽Looker House 脗路 Powerline Essence 脗路 Citron. 脗路 Artwork 脗路 Rebels 脗路 Abyss 脗路 Gods 脗路 VD 脗路 Crux Subspace 脗路 Sonik Clique 脗路 Three Little Elks 脗路 Dual Crew Shining Bomb 脗路 Dole 脗路 TRSI 脗路 Smoke 脗路 Mystic 脗路 Fanatic 脗路 Haujobb 脗路 Balance Nah Kolor 脗路 Sardonyx 脗路 Ram Jam 脗路 Scoopex 脗路 Network 脗路 Impulse 脗路 Agony And everyone we've forgot plus all on #amycoders, #amigascne and #pixel ------------------- - - C-Lous doesn't listen to those who says life is not worth living. They can be right.
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